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The History of 


In 1968, a young Albert Willms founded his first fabrication company with a vision to create a business that was family oriented and locally owned in Kelowna, British Columbia.


His business was booming and at the height of it there were over 140 employees and was a top five supplier for a large trucking company. Albert's vision was to engage in the business community as a young man, but as he started his family he realized that he wanted more than that - he wanted to leave a legacy. 

After selling in 1990 Albert bought out a metal fabrication company and changed the name to Command Industries. The name was inspired by the military term "command" -  to have authority over; be in charge of; to communicate and lead with strength


Albert still leads within the company alongside his two son-in-laws, with his daughter, and three grandchildren working for the company. His legacy and hope is to create a long lasting family business that thrives in the greater Kelowna community and beyond - as of right now he has accomplished this goal but hopes to see the business go even further! 

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